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Judy Turdoff-Caicco Prenses Lila

Judy Turdoff Thank you for arranging our rental

Merhaba Fatih,
I must thank you for arranging our rental of the Prenses Lila.  I appreciated your persistence, and your determination to make it work for us.  I was skeptical at first, but you have won me over.

You asked for our opinions about the Prenses Lila.  Everyone in the group loved the boat.  We found it beautiful and comfortable.  We had only two comments about things we thought should be in the cabins:  1) a sheet and blanket in each cabin; and 2) tack strips in the shower might protect people from slipping.  Otherwise, there were absolutely no complaints.  The boat is beautifully maintained (especially at the end of the season).
We were very happy with Ahmet Kaptan.  He is a very skilled and careful captain, and an excellent sailor.  He was responsive and easy to get along with.  I liked him very much and would be happy to have him as our captain again.
Ali Asçı was also excellent.  The food was always superb; the entire group loved his food (including the vegetarians).  Our only complaint is that we could not watch him or interact with him while he was cooking but of course that is because of the design of the boat.  He’s probably happy about that!
Ali Gemici was a good choice to be the primary person to interact with the group.  His English is good and his personality made him a good person for the job.  We will miss him, but wish him the very best when he becomes a captain.  I’m sure he will do well.
Akın was a fine young man who did his job well.  He, too, was responsive to requests from the group, and easy to get along with.  Also a very good dancer.  :-)
You can see that we were all very happy with our week on the Prenses Lila.  We really appreciated Ahmet's willingness to follow our route and schedule.  We also respected his experience and advice.  I hope the crew knows that we were happy to get to know them a little; the group will not forget their kindnesses, and we wish them all good things in the future.  I myself look forward to seeing them again.
My very best wishes,
Judy Tordoff

Grazie di tutto!
Ciao Ayca, Da parte della mia famiglia e da parte mia ti confermo che siamo stati benissimo e che il personale di Serenity 70 è stato valido, gentile e sempre con il sorriso. Quindi il feedback è ottimo - e lo stesso vale anche con te e GuletBo... Leggi di più
Giulio Camillo Zuccoli
Giulio Camillo Zuccoli
L’equipaggio è stato impeccabile!
Ciao Ayca, La vacanza è stata stupenda e rilassante. ci siamo trovati tutti da Dio! L’equipaggio è stato impeccabile! Capitano ed equipaggio sempre disponibile e lo chef ha preparato dei piatti buonissimo. Non poteva andare meglio! Tu sei s... Leggi di più
Ettore Piacenza
Ettore Piacenza

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